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Individual position high speed rewinding machine-08

1. Use foreign advanced take up system to realize good bobbin package. Faliure rate is very low.
2. Each position is individual. One position yam break, it doesn’t affect other position, Different specification yam can produce in the same machine.
3. According to yam specification, to adjust stroke modification to realize anti-convex.
4. Friction roller and traverse cam use the same one motor. It can save cost and avoid electrical shift trouble. At the same times, it can also avoid rainbow.
5. Oiling device can beautify yam.
6. Machine structure is simple, easy operation and maintenance.
Main parameter
Position: multiples of two
Package weight: 5kgs
Bobbin size: φ57×φ69φ290 or 230mm
Take up speed: 400-1000m/min
Take up size: φ100×270mm
Power: main motor 0.37KW+roller 0.12KW
Tension device: door type tension device or roller
No spider net: any time, once yam breaks, just connect yam, drop the cradie and it will start anti spider net function.
Setting each position parameter: set different speed and length for each position.
Anti rainbow: speed variation of traverse cam can avoid rainbow.
Stroke modification: anti-convex for yam bobbin.
Yam break machine stop: when yam detects that yam breaks or yam reaches setting lenght, machine automatically stop.
Oilling device: beautify yam brightness and appearance.
Roller device: it can choose tight or loose winding.
Slow start: slow start can avoid high friction between yams of bobbin and take up roller which affects yam quality.
Optionhal parts
A type: 550、750、1000M fixed speed, yam length counting device, yam break machine stop. Intermingle device and oiling device are optional
B type: Speed between 400-1000M, Yam length counting device, Yam break machine stop. Intermingle device and oiling device are optional.
C type: A type+feed roller(speed is adjustable)
D type: B type+feed roller(speed is adjustable)
E type: double yam combines into one yam. Machine stop once one of yam breaks.
Intermingle device, feed roller, and creel.
Suitable processing specification:
This machine is suitable for 40D-4000D chemical filament yam, polyamide yam, polyester yam, nylon yam, sewing thread, polyester thread, polyamide thread and all kinds of man-made filament yam and thread. It has a wide range of application.
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