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DDLTJ single position winding machine

This machine is for single or several pcs yarn winding.
1. Brief instruction
This machine is 8, 12 or 16 position for one section. Each position is individual .It is suitable for 20-150d polyester, polyamide, polypropylene or other filament yarn.
2. Take off speed : 1000, 720, 500, 360M/min.Speeddepends on yarn specification.
3. Character
This machine each position is indivdual. It is easy to operate and protect yarn quality.
4. Traverse house use inverter to ensure bobbin shape.
5. This machine combine two yarn with intermingle. If it is more pcs yarn, machine will be equipped with more yarn creel and operation platform.
6. Equipped with monitor to show yarn length. Machine includes yarn sensor and yarn cutter.
Machine runs very well. Noise is low, take up speed is high.(it can increase work efficiency).
Distance between each postion : 412mm

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