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SYLTJ Oil winder

This winder is consisted of DTJ rewinder and oil system.
DTJ rewinder uses FK6 texturing machine winding system to ensure good bobbin shape. Yarn guide section is equepped with yarnguides to additionust winding tension. SO, winding tension can meet winding request. Max. Package can reach 5kgs.
This winder is equipped with 2 sets of 1400 rpm and 0.55kw motors which individually drive roller and traverse cam. 1400rpm, 0.09KW motor drives cam to run stroke modification device in the traverse box. All of these ensure good bobbin shape. One more 1400 rpm and 0.09KW motor dribes oil device.
This winder design winding speed is 550m/min.crossing angle 25.5°Oil level position is automatically conftrolled. Oil is given to the yarn evenly. It is very easy to operate this machine.
If customer has spercial request for winding speed and crossing angle, we can meet customer's request.

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