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Combination yarn rewinding machine

1. This rewinding machine is used for single yam and two plies yam combination.
2. This machine has good performance and reliable quality.
3. Unique feature:
   1). Small bobbin with single yam changes to b(g bobbin. Big bobbin has good shape and yam quality doesn’t change. In this way. it can increase the value of yam.
   2). If initial bobbin has spider screen, rewinding yam can eliminate spider screen to improve yam quality.
   3).  If initial bobbin interlace is lost, yam can be rewinded with air jet.
   4). Can add extra creel, yam sensor beam, yam cutter beam to produce two plies yam combination. Single yam cutting through yam breaking system, yam cutting system once yam cutting system once yam reaches setting length.
4. Machine configuration:
   1). Take off roller dia. 100mm. winding speed is 450-750m/min,inverter adjustable motor 380/220V, 1400rpm, 50HZ.750W or use appointed rnotor without inverter.
   2). Traverse cam use inverter to avoid convex, traverse motor is 380/220V,1400rpm.50HZ,550W.
   3). Setting stroke modification gear box speed ratio 560:1, stroke modification motor is 120W. stroke modification gear box has special cam to push stroke modification rall to ensure no spider screen.
   4). Equipped with 3/4” intermingle pipe(without air jet)and extra creel for two plies yam combination.
   5). Two plies yam combination is equipped with yam sensor and yam cutter beam. Yam cutting system displays yam length. Once yam reaches setting length, doff it manually.
   6). Polyester DTY bobbin max. 5kg, size is φ250×250, polyamide DTY bobbin is little small, Size is φ250×200.
   7). Suitable denier, single filament yam 40denier to combination yam 2000denier, it is also suitable for polypropylene or cotton yam rewinding.
   8). Machine size:
        3.27×0.58×1.3 for 8 positions
        4.7×0.58×1.3 for 12 positions


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