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DTJ-8 rewinding machine

Rewinding machine is used to rewind small bobbin into big bobbin(φ250x250), Max. package can reach 5kgs. Polyamide yarn bobbin's weight must be light.
This machine uses FK6 winding system to ensure bobbin has good shape and good unwindning. Traverse sytem is equipped with inverter to ensure over 40 denier filament yarn can unwind perfectly. (heavy yarn without inverter). Part of Yarn guide device equipped with tensioner to adjust tension.
This machine take up roller (φ100) speed is 450M/min~750M/min, 750m/min is suitable for 40d-150d.. winding angle is 2α=26.5°. other yarn use 45°Cone Angle.
Over 1000d heavy year speed is 250-500m/min.
This machine has take up roller and traverse with inverter, their motors are correspondingly quippedwith750W, 550W, it is the same for 12position. Machine has 0.12KW speed reducer. Speed reducer cam pushes stroke modification rod in the traverse house to ensure good bobbin shape. Take up roller speed can adjust during 450-750m/min from inverter.
The machine can combine double yarn for polyester and polyamide, also can add interming pipe. They are optional.
The machine has the following advantage.
1. It can save 500-800 pcs papper bobbin for one ton small bobbin.
2. Increase product qualtiy.
3. Single and double combination yarn have good shape.
4. Rewinding boobin for defective yarn, it can increase products quality.
5. Polyester full boobin's max. weight is 5kgs. Machine can be equipped with yarn length counting system.
6. It is possible for add double yarn creel, yarn sensor, yarn cutter, yarn length couting system for double yarn combination.
7. Warranty is one year. We are not responsible for artificial damage.
8. Machine size : 3270x580x1300 ( for 8 postion), 4700x580x 1300 (for 12 position).
Note: Item 5,6 are opitional parts.

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