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    Professional R & D and manufacture of high speed winder, share machine, barrel machine.

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Founded in 1988, our company has more than 100 employees, and over 10 of them are engineers and technicians; moreover, we are equipped with more than 90 sets of machinery processing equipment.

As a specialized manufacturer of textile machinery parts, we process various types of domestic or imported machine parts, and enjoy an excellent quality reputation.

We are a specialized manufacturer of DTJ-8-spindle and other models of rewinding frames and winders.

Specializing in the manufacture and manufacture of high quality shaft parts.

Undertake all kinds of mechanical processing parts, is the Japanese TMT, Germany Barmag, Wuxi Hongyuan, Jiangyin Rongteng, Zhejiang Jinggong, Zhejiang Zhongli, Shanxi Jingwei and other fixed-point supporting units.

Our company has certificated to ISO9001 quality system.

A growing enterprise focusing on the processing of mechanical parts and the development of mechanical products.